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steam VR
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This video from Valve on Steam will get you super hyped up about VR

We’re entering the generation of VR. With Google’s Cardboard, VR has already been experienced by a huge number of people. With the launch of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive comes the […]

god of war 4
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God of War 4 might be coming late this year

It’s the hype train again! It’s a little-known secret that God of War 4 has been in the works since 2014, and the next one in the franchise might be […]

life is strange kate
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Life is Strange: I Killed Kate

Life is Strange is a beautiful game. I haven’t finished it yet, I’ve finished episode 2 a few days ago and I’m just about to go into the third episode. […]

far cry beyond in space
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Far Cry Beyond: Is the next Far Cry going to take place in Space?

Just as I’m exploring the Far Cry set in the past, I caught this news on my Facebook newsfeed that’s posted on the official Facebook page of Far Cry. It […]

oculus rift
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With VR on the horizon, should I opt for Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR?

When I first grasped the idea of how a virtual reality works, I was immediately blown away. There could be many, many real world applications of a VR headset in […]

fallout 4 pc
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I’m back in wasteland; this time with more power

The first time I was in the wasteland, I was super excited to start exploring the post-apocalyptic universe, for such atmospheres always make me excited. However, as anyone familiar with the […]