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PlayStation Plus Gave Out $1k Worth of Games, But That Doesn’t Matter

Polygon, one of the most acclaimed and my favorite gaming news and reviews site today, has just published a fantastic recap of all the games PlayStation gave out to its PS Plus members this year. The recap includes the price of each title, their rating average, and some interesting numbers broken down by months and titles.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member or are thinking of getting a membership, I recommend taking a look at their feature here.

What Is PlayStation Plus?

In case you didn’t know, starting PlayStation 4, you need to buy a yearly subscription of what is called PlayStation Plus in order to be able to play multiplayer online. Fortunately, online multiplayer isn’t the only thing that PlayStation Plus offers. In addition to a number of other features like saving your save files to cloud, Sony gives away multiple titles for all devices (PS3, PS4, PS Vita) each month.


What that means is, you can download those games during the month they are offered for free, and you’ll be able to play those games for as long as you are a member of PlayStation Plus. To even simplify even more, let me give you an example.

There are tons of indie games out there that you might like. You never know until you’ve tried.

I got The Walking Dead Season 2 last month as part of the monthly free games for PlayStation Plus members. I’ve played through it and I’ve finished it. I can delete it from my system and redownload later or I can keep playing it for as long as I want. The only condition here is: To be able to play that title, I have to remain a PS Plus subscriber.

As soon as I cancel my subscription, all of my PS Plus titles will become inaccessible to me.

Is It Any Good?

I’ve linked to the Polygon article above. See for yourself. A trend that you will notice is that Sony doesn’t always give out AAA titles. While I understand that Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold membership is a better bargain as that tends to give out more AAA titles, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing that PlayStation includes tons of indie titles.

I mean, think about this: Why would you want to play just the AAA titles all the time while there are amazing indie games being developed by smaller companies all the time? Yes, you may not want to spend your money on an indie game, but PlayStation Plus gives you a reason to. You’ve already spent your money. It doesn’t cost you extra to get the title and see what’s up with that.

Hatred Towards Indie Titles

I remember seeing comments on YouTube that said something along the lines of “I hate indie games they suck” etc. Later that month, as Rocket League turned out to be an outstanding game, those same people uploaded videos on YouTube of them and their friends playing Rocket League.

rocket league

You never know what good games are out there until you’ve tried them. Just like movies, there are games that get bad reviews but you may find them enjoyable regardless. PlayStation Plus gives a reason to try out those indie games at no extra cost.

For a game to be good, it doesn’t have to be a AAA title. Look at Rocket League and Limbo, for example.

From a developer’s perspective, it’s still a good thing that they’re pushing tons of indie titles. Put yourself in an indie game developer’s shoes and think how would you feel if you had a hard time getting people to play your games, let alone pay for it.

If your title is chosen and offered as part of the free PS Plus monthly titles, you get a lot of people who get to try out the game. If you did a great job, the word of mouth will continue and you’ll get tons of sales even after the month is over.

Going Forward

Having said all that, I do hope that PlayStation offers some more AAA titles to mix things up a bit in the future. I understand the ratio of AAA titles and indie titles is never going to be 1:1, but even 1:2 would be greatly appreciated by the PlayStation community.

I strongly believe that for a game to be good, it doesn’t have to be a AAA title. Just look at Rocket League and Limbo, for example. That’s why I don’t think it’s a big deal that a lot of the titles PlayStation Plus gives out are indies.

But, to make the subscription more competitive, and especially to put itself in a better position against Xbox’s annual subscription, PlayStation Plus should offer some more AAA titles.

I don’t know much about the industry and finance and I don’t know how much it costs for them to give out a game to PS Plus members, but I believe they can earn back some of the reputation it’s lost to its competitor.

Are you a PlayStation Plus member? What are your thoughts about the subscription service and the titles it offers?


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