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I guess I’m not a gamer per se

game over

Who is a gamer?

This question can be as complicated as who is a writer and who is a photographer.

Those who write are writers.

But not everyone will agree with this answer. Pretty much everyone writes a few sentences for Twitter and Facebook these days. They don’t necessarily call themselves writers. In the same way, everyone who takes pictures with whatever camera doesn’t call themselves photographers.

Okay, some of them do. But how accurate is that?

Going beyond the definition of a writer, photographer, I was just wondering the other day, what makes a person a gamer? Does he have to play games every chance he gets to be considered a gamer? Does he have to be a champion in gaming? Does he have to own a lot of gaming equipment? Does he have to earn while gaming to be considered a gamer?

To make matters even worse, who do you call a professional gamer? Perhaps those who earn?

I won’t get into that argument because I don’t plan on calling myself a professional gamer anytime soon. But, given that I play games whenever I get a chance, and I enjoy participating in gaming discussions so much that I have an entire blog dedicated to it, do I call myself a gamer?

Games are too difficult these days

Let’s see. The number one problem I have, as a gamer, is that I find difficulty levels, well, too difficult. I’ve never played any game beyond the ‘normal’ difficulty. And even then, I find some games too difficult to progress through.

Take Fallout 4, for example. I’ve been ultra-hyped about this game simply because of the atmosphere this game is set in. But I haven’t progressed even a bit into the game simply because I find this game too difficult. I can’t find ammo, I can’t find stuff to keep my health, and I randomly die for the shortage of health and ammo.

I asked a few guys around, and they said they rarely feel the shortage of health and ammo.

‘You gotta play this game carefully,’ they said.

That I already knew. But I still find it difficult. And yes, I checked the difficulty level.

Yesterday, I played Fallout 4 for 40 minutes and I’ve died at least 6 times. I didn’t die because I was careless. I died because every time I ran out of ammo and then I just had to eat the bullet.

game over

Inventory management feels like a college course

I remember something similar happening when I bought my PlayStation 4 for the first time. I bought The Witcher 3 along with my PS4. That was the first game I played on my new console. I loved the game. I loved the atmosphere, the graphics, the story, the scenery, and the darkness that’s been injected into the beauty that I came across while roaming in the game.

But I found the game’s inventory too complicated. I spent quite a bit of time to figure out how to do what, but I was mostly doing the same thing over and over again. I’m pretty sure I wasted some valuable resources that way. So much so that when I was at a difficult boss battle, I ran out of resources (It was potions, I think, that regenerated health). I kept dying and I didn’t have another save point anywhere nearby to restart.

I was pretty much stuck. And I was so frustrated that I didn’t really want to restart the game at the time.

Instead, I sold it. I guess, that doesn’t help me become a gamer, does that?

Multiplayer is multislayer

Then there’s multiplayer. I suck at multiplayer. I’ve been told by literally everyone that it gets better over time with practice. I can vouch that it did get better, but I felt like I hit the wall at a certain point where I couldn’t get any better.

There’s not a single game where I shine at multiplayer. I score at the bottom of the list, more often than not, scoring 0 kills.

I feel like I die within moments after spawning. Multiplayer missions in games like Call of Duty, Destiny, CS:GO, etc. feel like they are too quick and rapid for me to get my head around.

I understand why some people are addicted to it. I feel good whenever I score one kill. I can only imagine what those people feel like who score 40 (thanks to me, though).

But I can never get my head around it. Multiplayer is fun. And from the direction that some games (Hint: Rainbow Six Siege, Star Wars Battlefront) are heading, there’s a thin chance that most AAA titles in the future will focus on multiplayer experience.

Of course, the existence of games like The Witcher 3, Far Cry 4, and Fallout 4 prove that single-player experience can be worth the experience and it  should never be scraped. But out of these games that I mentioned, I suck at two of them.

What does that mean? Because I suck at gaming — both multiplayer and single-player — every time a game tries to be difficult (I say that because I love Far Cry 3 and 4 as it’s not too difficult). I’m assuming the majority of the gamers out there do not like a game that’s too easy to beat. So, hard difficulty is here to stay. And it’s possible that the future games will be as more difficult — even in normal difficulty — as the technology progresses.

The point of this otherwise lengthy post is to ask this simple question: Am I a gamer at all?

4 thoughts on “I guess I’m not a gamer per se Leave a comment

  1. I don’t think being a gamer comes down to whether you’re good at video games or not, it comes down to whether you enjoy the experience. Someone who has never touched a gaming PC or a console but has put 100 hours into Candy Crush is still a gamer to some extent whether they like it or not. If being bad at video games is the problem you’re currently facing then the only thing that can really be done is just play more video games and get better at them just like anything else and if that seems tedious, it is possible that the game is just not for you.

    In the case of most big RPGs, inventory is going to be a bit a of a nightmare. Both Fallout and The Witcher fall into this category because of the genre of game they’re in unfortunately. RPGs always suffer from inventory problems and PC versions literally always have improvements through mods that can be applied. There are a lot of games that aren’t RPGs and don’t have too much in the way of inventory that you could maybe explore. Games like Far Cry exist in a big way, Just Cause 3 was just recently released and is very similar.

    I think the accusation that most AAA video games are going to be multiplayer focused is a little odd. Especially since this year has had the highest amount of single player games ever, but that could be down to the fact that it has also had the most games in general ever. Star Wars Battlefront and Rainbow Six Siege actually have been receiving a lot of slack in regards to their lack of single player. There was once a stage when games like World Of Warcraft were in their prime, where people thought that every game was going to be an MMO. Obviously that didn’t happen and in fact, MMOs are dying out, with even WoW losing a lot of its player base. I’m not saying that this will happen to multiplayer games but I think that single player games will always exist. The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 are the two highest anticipated games of this year and were both single player.

    There is a lot of games that actually cater to gamers like yourself, Just Cause 3 like I mentioned earlier is pretty easy but still an enjoyable experience. Mad Max, Assassins Creed, Shadow of Mordor are a few games similar to Far Cry where they are quite easy, but still get a large amount of hours put into.

    From my personal perspective it looks like games are getting easier in order to draw in a larger audience. Fallout 4 is actually dumbed down from the previous titles, especially the original Fallout games. I wouldn’t expect games to be getting harder unless thats what their game revolves around like Dark Souls. There is also access to a lot of guides online to help with a lot of struggles that you could be facing. By the looks of it you are just focusing on the wrong games! I woudn’t give up on gaming just yet.

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    • Hey there, thanks for your thoughtful comment. A lot of what you said make sense. Although many would rather not call Clash of Clans and Candy Crush players ‘gamers.’ 😛

      Anyway, you’re right that single-player campaign modes are here to stay. And I did hear a lot of people saying that Fallout 4 is a dumbed-down version of its previous titles. That’s good. Except, it still doesn’t seem to make a difference.

      Even with the difficulty, though, Fallout 4, Far Cry 4, etc games are truly awesome and the exact kind of games that I want to play. But if you step back and take a look at the games that are coming out these days, how many of them are like Fallout 4 or Far Cry 4 or Just Cause 3? (I actually went to buy Just Cause 3 two days before its official release, but I bought FIFA 16 instead. More on that on a post later. 😉 )

      I love the fact that Far Cry franchise is continuing to exist and newer games like Far Cry Primal are being developed and released. I just hope that more games like this will show up in the coming days so that guys like me, we don’t become (we already are) too much dependent on just a few games. The downside to this happening is if these games stop popping up or if they take a turn for the worse, we’ll be out of games to play. 😛

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