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Why You Should Get the Free PS Vita Games on PS Plus Offers

PlayStation Plus membership is no stranger to the people who are members of the PlayStation Plus. Okay, that was a dumb thing to say. If you’re a PS Plus member, of course, you know what that is. But most of us PS Plus members are doing something even dumber. Or at least, I have been doing so anyway.

As you know, Sony offers a handful of titles for free to each PlayStation Plus members. Free as in the sense that you get to play them at no additional cost for as long as you remain a PlayStation Plus member. I find that quite an attractive offer, despite what many people say, and I’ve written about why I like PS Plus’ offerings.

Getting back to the point, every month when new games are offered, I look at the PS3 and PS4 titles because those are the only systems I have. What I’ve been doing to call myself dumb is I haven’t even looked at the PS Vita titles. Some people said that some of those PS Vita titles are actually pretty fun to play.

“Why would I care,” I used to think. “I don’t have a PS Vita.”

buying ps vita from iPhone
Adding the PS Vita games to my library from December’s PS Plus offerings.

The point is, how do I know that I won’t buy a used PS Vita for a stellar price down the line? If I do buy a PS Vita, I’ll suddenly have no titles to play. Yes, there are some free-to-play games on the PS Store, but most of them are crappy. I’ll regret in the future thinking that only if I had added those free PS Vita titles to my library, I’d have no shortage of games to download and play.

Because Sony lets you add those PS Vita titles to your library regardless of whether you have a PS Vita or not, I think it’s a dumb idea not to add them to your library. I mean, it’s being offered to you for free anyway. Might as well add them to the library just in case you buy a PS Vita in the future.

So, that’s my reason why you should get those free PS Vita titles when offered through the PS Plus monthly titles.

Have anything to add? Share it in the comments!

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