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God of War 4 might be coming late this year

god of war 4

It’s the hype train again! It’s a little-known secret that God of War 4 has been in the works since 2014, and the next one in the franchise might be a series reboot. However, the first leak in a long time gives us a look at what might be the next universe of God of War.

According to IGN, the God of War 4 — which may have a different name — might be based in Norse Mythology. IGN sources this from a new leak that suggests so. What’s better, the leak is the concept images from a Santa Monica artist, the studio behind the God of War series. 


kratos in god of war 4
Beard is the new cool!

Although the next game might be dropping the Greek mythology, don’t be worried, there’ll still be a slightly altered version of Kratos in the game as the protanist. You can see the bearded Kratos wearing trousers with an axe in his hand. He does look badass in the new look, though!


The original artist’s website has already been taken down and the imgur album that contained all of those concept images have seen the same fate. But not before some of those were hosted elsewhere!

god of war 4god of war 4god of war 4

There were a lot of images posted on the imgur album. While not all of them are live now, you can still see a lot of those images over here at NeoGAF thread.

I still remember the first time I played God of War 3 on a PlayStation 3. I was so glued to the game that I literally couldn’t find time to do anything else. It was exactly a year ago around this time (at the end of April) when I finished God of War 3. I got God of War Ascension soon after as a free game on PlayStation Plus monthly offering, but I didn’t find the inspiration to finish Ascension because that lacked an engaging story.

Is it possible that God of War 4 — or whatever title the game is released with — will disappoint us? Is it possible that God of War 3 and its story has set the bar so high that even Santa Monica Studios won’t be able to top that? I’d say, it’s entirely possible. But that’s a scenario I don’t want to imagine, at least, not yet.

There’s still no word as to when the title might be announced, but with E3 pretty much around the corner, one can hope. One can even go out on a limb and expect that the game will be launched later this year. Of course, all of that comes from my bottle of hope, but I don’t think I’m the only one holding that bottle.

Have you played God of War? What do you think of the next God of War in Norse mythology?

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