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The Walking Dead Co-Op Shooter Game Coming to E3

No matter whether you like The Walking Dead or not, the massive popularity of the epic zombie series is undeniable. From the graphic novel to AMC’s TV series, as well as Telltale’s video game, The Walking Dead has seen major success pretty much everywhere. If you are a die-hard fan of it like I am, incredible things are waiting for […]

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What Is a Freemium Game?

Freemium is a business model. It can be applied to digital software including games and apps. Most games that are available for free out there ‘aren’t really free.’ That is to say, they use what is known as a freemium model. So what the heck is a freemium game?

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Is Android Gaming Worth the Price?

Gaming is an inevitable part of modern life if you want some time off the harsh reality that we go through. We know it more than most other people because our site is built on that idea of using games to getaway from real life — for however long. But when we talk about gaming, 90% of the time we […]